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Municipalities and local municipal authorities (in partnership with the respective municipality) are able to receive CDBG funding for various eligible activities.

Eligible activities include:

  • Public Works Projects (water, sewer, sidewalks, etc.)
  • Housing Rehabilitation
  • Removal of Architectural Barriers
  • Clearance, Demolition, Removal of Deteriorated and Unsafe Structures
  • Code Enforcement in Deteriorated Areas in Accordance with Public Improvements
  • Acquisition of Property
  • Energy Conservation Programs

Ineligible activities include:

  • General Government Expenses
  • Renovations of Public Buildings (except for removal of architectural barriers)
  • Political Activities
  • Purchase of Equipment
  • Purchase of Furnishings and Personal Property
  • Operating and Maintenance Expenses
  • New Housing Construction
  • Income Projects for Housing or Any Other Purpose

CDBG projects must meet one of three national objectives: 1) a benefit to low to moderate income residents, 2) elimination of slums and blight, or 3) urgent need. At least 70% of CDBG funds must be expended to meet the low to moderate income resident benefit.

The Homeowner Housing Rehab Program provides funding for eligible homeowners to make home improvements which brings their home up to code. To be eligible, a homeowner must be a low to moderate income resident based upon HUD’s Section 8 Income Limits.

The Homeowner Housing Rehab Program is currently funded by the Community Development Block Grant and HOME Investment Partnership Grant.

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