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The Redevelopment Authority of Somerset County was created in 1956 under the Commonwealth’s Urban Redevelopment Law of 1945.  The Authority largely undertook redevelopment projects with the Borough of Windber in the northern part of Somerset County and reported to the Burgess of Windber.   Projects initially were directed towards the acquisition of public rights of way or property easements to install public improvements.


In 1965, the Authority became non-functioning.  However, due to the tragic events of the Johnstown Flood of 1977, the Authority was reorganized with the county commissioners appointing a new five member board.  The Authority was responsible for overseeing a special bond issue that the legislature had enacted to help flood victims in Cambria and Somerset Counties.  The Authority received in excess of $14 million dollars to assist Somerset County residents in Paint and Windber Boroughs and Paint, Ogle and Conemaugh Townships.  More than 400 homeowners received financial assistance through the Authority.


Since 1977, the Authority has been involved with various projects across Somerset County.  The Authority conducted a county-wide housing conditions survey ran a Vector Control Program, managed construction contracts with the Rails to Trails Project, Meyersdale Train Station Rehabilitation and Jenners Passive Treatment System, as well as the Oven Run and Cottagetown Mine Reclamation Projects.

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