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Fair Housing Notice

This notice will serve to advise all residents of the County of Somerset that the following actions, if based on race, color, religion, sex, national origin, familial status (families with children) or handicap (disability) is prohibited by Title VIII of the Civil Rights Act of 1968 (Federal Fair Housing Act) and the Pennsylvania Human Relations Act adds the additional protected classes of age and ancestry:

  • Refusing to sell or rent to, deal or negotiate with any person.
  • Discriminating on terms or conditions for buying or renting housing.
  • Discriminating by advertising that housing is available only to persons of a certain race, color, religion, sex, national origin, familial status or handicap (disability, age or ancestry.
  • Denying that housing is available for inspection, sale or rent when it really is available.
  • Blockbusting for profit, persuading owners to sell or rent housing by telling them that minority groups are moving into the neighborhood.
  • Denying or making different terms or conditions for home loans by financial institutions.
  • Denying to anyone the use of or participation in any real estate services, multiple-listing services or other facilities related to the selling and renting of housing.

If you’re a person with a disability and require a reasonable accommodation, please contact the below Fair Housing Officer.

If you’re Limited English Proficient and require a document translation, please contact the below Fair Housing Officer.

All residents are hereby notified that Steven R. Spochart is designated as the Fair Housing Officer for the County of Somerset and that any resident that believes they have been discriminated against under any of the above conditions may file a complaint with the Fair Housing Officer at the following address and/or telephone number:

Steven R. Spochart
Redevelopment Authority of Somerset County
300 North Center Avenue – Suite 520
Somerset, PA  15501

Public Service Announcement

Housing discrimination is illegal.  The Federal Fair Housing Act prohibits discrimination because of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, family status, or disability.  Remember the only way to stop housing discrimination is to report it.  Call the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission at (717) 787-9780, or contact the Community Development Block Grant administrator in Somerset County, the Redevelopment Authority of Somerset County, at (800)847-1878 or (814) 443-2780.

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